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July Public Safety Update

Early in the morning of July 14, MPD cleared the garden space after Seven Points requested they remove the encampment on their property. This decision was made after weeks of continued unlawful activities associated with that location (theft, arson, all night shouting into the residential areas, dangerous road closures, as well as harassment of businesses and shoppers). Two community-based peacebuilding groups had been involved in de-escalation at the area since it began, though problems continued. The anger and rage of so many in our community is an ongoing reminder that meaningful police reform must happen to achieve peace.

Hurting each other in our quest for justice is not the answer.

There are many layers to address but I want to put a spotlight on our businesses. Our business sector is still teetering on the edge as they emerge from the global pandemic and they need our help. Concern about these businesses and artists is concern for people -- for their decades of work, their sacrifices, and their dreams. It is also a concern based on the knowledge that many of these small businesses are run by people of color, immigrants, and women because entrepreneurship is an important way that historically marginalized groups find success outside larger corporate structures.

Click on the arrows below to scroll through our list of Uptown businesses to support. Let us know if we're missing anyone.

Where Are We At With Policing Reform: The Big Picture

Over the last couple of years -- and at the state level, over the past couple of weeks -- we have seen a number of public safety reforms. The work is not finished, but based on questions and conversations I have with neighbors it is clear to me that we could all benefit from a broader understanding of where we currently stand on policing reform. Here are summaries of the most recent state legislation and the Governor's executive action, Minneapolis municipal policy changes dating from 2018, and finally my proposals to carry us forward.

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