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Caucus & Convention Season Is Here

Delegates: Save these dates!

  • SD50 DFL Convention - Saturday, April 20 (10am)

    • Registration opens @9:00am

    • Convention starts @10:00am

    • 5701 Normandale Rd, Edina, MN 55424


Yes! I want to volunteer for Alicia!

Thank you!

New to the convention process?

Minnesota Democrats use a caucus and convention system to determine who will be their endorsed candidates. Anyone who identifies as a Democratic voter and will be 18 on Nov 5th -- whatever their voting eligibility -- can participate in caucuses and can volunteer to be a delegate at a convention. Learn more about the DFL's rule expanding participation here.

Caucuses for this year's elections took place on February 27 and delegates have been chosen for the SD50A endorsement convention on April 20.


At the convention, all attendees will vote on Senate District 50 business -- the election of Senate District leadership, forwarding resolutions to the state convention, and the selection of delegates to the congressional district endorsing conventions.

Crucially for this race, at this convention on April 20th, delegates will vote on their endorsement for the SD50A election.


There are 155 delegates for the 50A endorsement -- every single delegate will matter.

We hope to earn your support!

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