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"For Gibson, there are several issues at stake. In office, she would want to tackle the mental health crisis, the child protection system, environmental justice, housing affordability, reproductive rights, and gun control. “I’d like to see a system for guns like we have for cars, where you have insurance and licenses, not just permits,” Gibson said."

"At this point in time, reproductive justice is the most important topic to me, and Alicia’s strong history of work with Planned Parenthood sings to me. I also find her positions on public safety, education, and the environment to be exactly what I want our legislature to attend to next year."

"Standing up for the people of their district is transformed by understanding that people, families, communities and institutions are best served by good law, best policy and useful financing in the state. I saw in a moment that Alicia wants that responsibility, has trained for it, understands it and cares about our hopes and needs."

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