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"Through her community work, she has demonstrated an ability to bring people together, navigate systems and develop pragmatic solutions to problems. She rejects what she calls the "leadership through division" approach she's seen on the current council. "  

--StarTribune Editorial Board
"I want someone who is reality-based, knows law, and is has grappled deeply with ethics—and that’s Alicia. I’ve also talked to Alicia extensively about environmental justice, about her idea of creating a local climate corps to adopt trees and work on other initiatives to make every neighborhood greener, cooler, and more equitable. She’s committed to pedestrian safety, to ensuring Minneapolis is planted and designed to allow our collective future grandchildren to also have pollinators, fish and birds, and to listening to all of us here in Minneapolis...If you have doubts, I’d encourage you to reach out and talk to her directly, she’s the most no-nonsense and transparent politician I’ve ever met!"  

--Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, Ward 10 resident
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“Alicia Gibson is exactly the kind of leader we need today in Minneapolis: smart, pragmatic and in touch with the community."

--Todd Otis, Ward 10 resident
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"I'm voting for Alicia because Ward 10 needs someone who is committed to listening to the community and working toward actual change." 

--Maria Burns Ortiz, Ward 10 resident
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“Alicia Gibson believes in what is good for the city of Minneapolis. Not only the seniors but also for the children, so everyone has a safe environment to live in. When I was a bargaining representative for United Auto Workers I made sure they were doing what is right: including Black workers in apprenticeship jobs, as well as women. Being in leadership takes a lot of hard work and keeping at it. I hope Alicia Gibson wins because I know she will work hard for everyone.”

--Elvin Hendricks, Ward 10 resident
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"I support Alicia Gibson for Ward 10 because of her copious experience with restorative justice, community engagement, and plan for climate action. "  

--Abby Hornberger, Ward 10 resident
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"I’m supporting Alicia because she is a progressive, independent thinker who can deliver on the issues facing our city. I’m the former Deputy Executive Director for our city’s Public Housing Authority and Alicia has demonstrated to me that she understand the compelling need for safe, well-maintained affordable housing for all members of our community."  
--Tom Hoch, former Mayoral Candidate

"Alicia Gibson has impressive qualifications, experience working with her neighbors in her community, and an understanding of the job of the city council member, all of which will enable her to be an effective and strong leader from Day One."

--Kathleen O'Brien, Mpls DFL Senior Caucus Member & Former City Council Member

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"Alicia Gibson is incredibly intelligent, is a law school grad, has a doctorate in literature. She clearly understands the issues: public safety, housing, and racial equity." (3rd choice candidate)

-- Melissa Ellering, W10 resident & Operation Safety Now Member, introduction to candidates

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