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Dear Neighbors,

My name is Alicia Gibson and I am running in an open seat election to serve as the next Representative for MN State House District 50A. I am a college professor, active community leader, lawyer, and mom with a broad understanding of our state's challenges and opportunities. As your 50A Representative I will use my training and experience to analyze complex systems, find innovative solutions, and build consensus for positive change.  

I am committed to public safety solutions that make our justice system fairer and more effective, and to strengthening our democracy by ensuring that everyone has access to quality educational opportunities. I am passionate about caring for our vulnerable communities -- our children and our seniors in particular--and climate action and environmental protection. I believe in reproductive freedom and a woman's right to make choices about what is best for her and her family without government interference. Most of all, I am optimistic about our future and what we can accomplish together.


Working on solutions in community brings me joy and I am ready to serve. I look forward to meeting with stakeholders and voters and learning more about what matters to you.

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