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April 1 - April 30


Participating as a DFL delegate is all online this year and can be done in 5 minutes on your own time. To participate online go to or by pone at (612) 552-4215



If you want to sign up to be a delegate online, here are some photo instructions.


Click on the small blue print.​

Rank Alicia Gibson #1 and anyone else you support,

then rank "uncommitted."


If you don't answer yes to these questions, you won't be able to support Alicia Gibson for endorsement.

Ward 10 Caucus for Alicia

You will be asked for a short statement.

Here is a suggested statement:

I believe in grassroots democracy and want to endorse a candidate who will unite our ward.

Last Step: You will then receive a postcard in the mail to confirm your address, and then you're done with this step! Woohoo!

3 ways to sign up:


*Mpls DFL requests that calling and texting be used only if somebody you know does not have Internet access.

Important Info About Ranked Choice Voting

You have the opportunity to rank / vote for more than one candidate when submitting your online subcaucus list. Yay democracy!

Tip: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RANK ALL THE CANDIDATES. When filling out your caucus form, rank the candidates you SUPPORT, then rank "Uncommitted."

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